New Trailer for Netflix’s The Discovery with Jason Segel, Rooney Mara & Robert Redford

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The Discovery Trailer - Jason SegelThree years after making an impressive feature debut with The One I Love, Charlie McDowell is back with another anticipated project. The Discovery boasts a stellar cast, led by Jason Segel and Rooney Mara, and premiered at Sundance last month. Now Netflix has launched a great new trailer and the first poster ahead of its global launch on their streaming service next month.

Like McDowell’s first film, The Discovery has a strong hook. I loved the concept of The One I Love, and Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss’ performances were brilliant. But the film slightly let me down towards the end, and I’m hoping we won’t have a repeat performance here. The Discovery has another great concept, and a really promising cast, so my interest is definitely piqued.

One year after the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified, millions around the world have ended their own lives in order to “get there”. A man and woman fall in love while coming to terms with their own tragic pasts and the true nature of the afterlife.

Riley Keough, Robert Redford, Jesse Plemons, Mary Steenburgen, and Ron Canada complete the strong supporting cast.

McDowell co-wrote the script this time with his past collaborator, Justin Lader, who wrote The One I Love solo. James D. Stern (Looper, An Education) and Alex Orlovsky (I Origins, Blue Valentine) produce.

The premise is not dissimilar to The Leftovers, which is easily one of my favourite TV shows of the past few years, and one that’s been totally overlooked and under-appreciated. Given how brilliantly The Leftovers explores such a similar concept, I’m really keen to see how McDowel and Lader have tackled it in the space of a hundred and ten minutes.

The Discovery premieres on Netflix on March 31st in the US, the UK, and in all of Netflix’s territories around the world.

The Discovery Poster

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