Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Mad-Max:-Fury-Road-ReviewBelieve the hype on this one. Ever since the first footage was unveiled at Comic-Con last year, we’ve been expecting Mad Max: Fury Road to be an insane ride. And that’s exactly what it is. George Miller has delivered an utterly mad, off-the-chain blockbuster that will flood your system with adrenaline from start to finish. Continue reading

‘Retaliate’ – Epic Extended New Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad-Max:-Fury-Road-Extended-Trailer‘My name is Max. My world is fire and blood.’ These were the words which introduced Tom Hardy as the new Mad Max, and everything we’ve seen from Fury Road since that Comic-Con sneak peek has promised to deliver that world of fire and blood in epic blockbuster fashion. Continue reading

Tom Hardy Fights for Survival in New Japanese Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom-Hardy-in-Mad-Max:-Fury-Road-Japanese-trailer-sliceIt’s been three decades since the last instalment, but all the buzz surrounding Mad Max: Fury Road proves that it’s possible to revive a franchise this far out and still have everyone craving to see it. Continue reading

New Trailer for Sundance-Buzzed Dope Shows Open Road is Spending Massive P&A Commitment Well

Dope-Movie-Trailer-sliceWhen Rick Famuyiwa’s Dope premiered at Sundance, it took less than two days for it to sell rights to territories across the globe, with Open Road and Sony partnering for North American and international territories, respectively. Continue reading

New Legacy Trailer Brings Franchise from Mel Gibson’s Past to Tom Hardy’s Present in Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad-Max:-Fury-Road-Banner-Charlize-Theron-Tom-Hardy-sliceReturning to a franchise that began just over 35 years ago, Mad Max: Fury Road sees Tom Hardy stepping into shoes previously filled by Mel Gibson.

Fury Road races into cinemas thirty years after the last instalment, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. And to bring those of us who haven’t seen George Miller’s originals up to date, Warner Bros. has put together a legacy trailer that joins up the dots to the present day’s reboot. Continue reading

Awesome New Poster & Banners for Mad Max: Fury Road with Tom Hardy & Charlize Theron

Mad-Max:-Fury-Road-Banner-Charlize-Theron-Tom-Hardy-sliceWarner Bros. has been doing a great job of building up the buzz surrounding George Miller’s return to post-apocalyptic territory. Mad Max: Fury Road’s artwork has been some of the best we’ve seen so far this year, and we’ve got a great new poster and two banners to add to the mix.

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron continue to be positioned front and centre. And you really get the feeling this film is going to earn its R rating, and then some. Continue reading