Box Office: SPECTRE & The Peanuts Movie Retain Top Spots, Newcomers Fail to Make an Impression

SPECTRE-The-Peanuts-Movie-Love-the-Coopers-Box-OfficeBond has taken the double this weekend, retaining the #1 spot alongside The Peanuts Movie at #2, repeating the successes they both had in their debuts last weekend. Three newcomers were opening wide at the box office, with the holiday-themed Love the Coopers highest among them at #3. Continue reading

Box Office: SPECTRE Takes #1 in Softer Bow Than Skyfall, The Peanuts Movie Strong at #2

SPECTRE-The-Peanuts-Movie-Box-OfficeWhile early projections pegged the latest Bond venture as nearing the $80m mark, the final tallies for the weekend box office are in and things are a little softer than expected. SPECTRE has nabbed the #1 spot comfortably, but with significantly less than Skyfall. Continue reading

Box Office: The Martian Takes Fourth #1 as Burnt & Our Brand is Crisis Stall

The-Martian-Burnt-Our-Brand-is-Crisis-Box-OfficeRidley Scott’s The Martian has taken its fourth #1 at the box office in yet another quiet weekend in the US. New entries Burnt, Our Brand is Crisis, and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse have all stalled, making this financially the worst weekend of 2015 to date. Continue reading

Box Office: The Martian Returns to #1 as New Entries Fall Flat

Box-Office-The-Martian-The-Last-Witch-HunterAfter taking second place to Goosebumps last weekend, Ridley Scott’s The Martian has returned to the top of the box office for its third #1 overall. All four of the new entries failed to make much headway, with only two placing in the top 10, paving the way for Scott’s sci-fi blockbuster to make a comeback. Continue reading

Vin Diesel Lives Forever on New UK Quad Poster for The Last Witch Hunter

The-Last-Witch-Hunter-UK-Quad-Poster-Vin-Diesel-sliceVin Diesel is back in blockbuster territory in exactly one week on our shores. The Last Witch Hunter heads into UK cinemas next Wednesday – giving Meerkat Movies subscribers the opportunity for 2-for-1 tickets on day of release – and we’ve got a new UK quad poster to share. Continue reading

eOne Cuts Violence from The Last Witch Hunter to Secure 12A UK Age Rating Over 15

The-Last-Witch-Hunter-UK-Age-RatingI’ve been excited about The Last Witch Hunter from day one. But now the BBFC reveals that eOne has cut the film in order to secure a 12A UK age rating, which comes as a bit of a dampener to the anticipation surrounding it. Continue reading