First Poster for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk

Dunkirk Teaser Poster sliceBack in the summer, Warner Bros. launched a brilliant first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated next film, Dunkirk. It gave us just a glimpse of what we can expect, and barely even a glimpse at that. Continue reading

Claustrophobic First Teaser Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk

Dunkirk Teaser Trailer Logo - Christopher NolanComing off the back of yet another immensely impressive blockbuster, Interstellar, Christopher Nolan wasted no time at all in getting back behind the camera for his first war film, Dunkirk. Continue reading

New TV Spot & UK Quad Posters for The BFG – ‘Call Me the Big Friendly Giant’

The BFG UK Quad Poster - Dream Tree sliceRoald Dahl’s classic children’s novel has been given the Steven Spielberg treatment, and everyone is expecting a massive blockbuster reception when The BFG hits cinemas on either side of the Atlantic next month.

Steven Spielberg’s last four movies have all been released by Disney in the US. But this marks the first time that Spielberg and Disney have actually partnered through production as well, and Disney is understandably highlighting that in their first US TV spots below. Continue reading

Steven Spielberg Talks Mark Rylance & Photorealistic Visuals in New Featurette for The BFG

The BFG Featurette - Mark Rylance PhotorealisticWe are just weeks away from Steven Spielberg’s anticipated return to fantasy blockbuster territory. The BFG marks his first family film since 2011’s Tintin, and his first live-action family film since The Lost World: Jurassic Park, so audiences are understandably excited. Continue reading

New Poster for Steven Spielberg’s The BFG

The BFG Poster sliceJoining the new trailer we saw over the weekend, Disney has launched what is likely to be the main theatrical poster for The BFG, following its world premiere at Cannes. Early reviews suggest Steven Spielberg is destined for another family-friendly hit at the summer box office, with Mark Rylance’s motion-capture performance particularly highlighted as a favourite among critics. Continue reading

Wondrous New Trailer for Steven Spielberg’s The BFG

Ruby Barnhill & Mark Rylance in The BFGYesterday afternoon, Cannes hosted the world premiere of Steven Spielberg’s latest film, this summer’s highly anticipated family blockbuster, The BFG. Early reviews out of the festival suggest Spielberg has another big winner on his hands, which should translate very well at the box office. Continue reading