Dope UK Release Date Set for September

Dope-UK-Release-Date-set-for-SeptemberRick Famuyiwa’s Dope opened to very strong reviews out in Sundance back in January, getting buzz straight off the bat to be a big hit this summer. Open Road and Sony partnered to pick up the rights for the comedy drama. And while it is heading into US cinemas this month, Sony has now set the Dope UK release date for September. Continue reading

New Trailer for Sundance-Buzzed Dope Shows Open Road is Spending Massive P&A Commitment Well

Dope-Movie-Trailer-sliceWhen Rick Famuyiwa’s Dope premiered at Sundance, it took less than two days for it to sell rights to territories across the globe, with Open Road and Sony partnering for North American and international territories, respectively. Continue reading

Slick First Teaser Trailer & Poster for Sundance-Buzzed Dope, Release Date Pushed Back a Week

Dope-Movie-Teaser-Banner-sliceI can’t remember the last time we saw a trailer even remotely like this. Open Road has knocked it out the park, launching a brilliant first teaser for Dope, one of the biggest acquisitions at Sundance in January.

Open Road took the US rights and Sony took the international, with a huge $7m. minimum guarantee and $15m. in advertising. If some of that budget was put towards cutting this first teaser together, I’d definitely say it was money well spent. Continue reading