Peter Stormare, Ruby Rose & Riccardo Scamarcio Join John Wick 2; John Leguizamo, Lance Reddick & More Returning

John-Wick-2-adds-Ruby-Rose-Peter-Stormare-moreFilming is already underway in New York on John Wick 2, the sequel to last year’s action favourite. Keanu Reeves is returning in the titular leading role, and now he’s got a handful of new and familiar faces joining the line-up alongside him. Continue reading

Keanu Reeves, Co-Directors & Writer Officially Returning for John Wick 2

Keanu-Reeves-returning-for-John-Wick-2Last year, David Leitch and Chad Stahelski came out of pretty much nowhere with their Keanu Reeves-led actioner, John Wick. The film launched its first footage just one month before hitting cinemas, and has since managed to turn its $20m. budget into almost $80m. at the global box office. Continue reading

John Wick Review

John-Wick-UK-Poster-sliceIt’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything quite like John Wick.

Part actioner, part revenge film, part assassin thriller, part neo-noir, part dark comedy. It’s got everything you could want, and more. Think Smokin’ Aces meets Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, with even more action. Continue reading

New UK Poster for John Wick with Keanu Reeves

John-Wick-UK-Poster-slicePremiering to excellent early reviews at Fantastic Fest last year, the Keanu Reeves-led actioner John Wick has been unstoppable from the word go.

The film lit up the box office in the US late last year, and is currently the #1 new release on Blu-ray in Amazon’s Mystery and Thrillers section, currently sitting further ahead than fellow new release Nightcrawler, which speaks volumes of its success. Continue reading

John Wick Sequel Already In The Works


John-Wick-Quad-Poster-sliceWith a strong critical and commercial reception in the US, netting over $40m. stateside with three straight days at #1 in its first week, a John Wick sequel is already in the works.

The film is still rolling out in a handful of international markets – its UK release date was recently pushed back to April 10th, which will only further boost its numbers at the global box office. And in an interview with, co-directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch have revealed that John Wick 2 is in development. Continue reading

UK Quad Poster for John Wick with Keanu Reeves

John-Wick-UK-Quad-Poster-sliceWhen the first trailer for John Wick landed late last year, it instantly sparked anticipation amongst action fans, heralding the return of Keanu Reeves to the kind of roles that made him famous.

Warner Bros. is handling its release on our shores, and though they recently pushed back the UK release date to April, I’m just glad it’s getting a theatrical release at all. With a little under three months to go before it arrives, the studio has released the UK quad poster and its one-sheet variant, boasting a new title font in comparison with its US equivalent, as well as the UK trailer. Continue reading