New Teaser Trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer - Baby GrootIt’s show time. Marvel and James Gunn’s band of heroes are back next year with what’s expected to be one of the best blockbusters of the year. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will kick-start the summer box office, and smart money says it’s going to be a huge hit for the studio. Continue reading

Film Studios Exploring Home Viewing Within Weeks of Theatrical Release

Film Studios Consider Shortening Theatrical WindowIt’s been a long time coming, but it sounds like the subject is finally resurfacing in a productive manner. Sean Parker’s controversial The Screening Room reignited the debate earlier this year of offering theatrical release titles to home viewers at a premium price, in the region of $50 with a dedicated set top box. Now Warner Bros.’ chief Kevin Tsujihara has revealed that his company considers it “imperative” to offer consumers more options for home viewings of their films. Most importantly, he says that even if the cinema chains don’t go along with it, they still plan to go ahead with the idea. Continue reading

First Teaser Posters for Pixar’s Cars 3

Cars 3 Teaser Poster - Everything Will Change sliceLast week, Pixar launched a surprisingly tense first teaser trailer for Cars 3. It’s been five years since we last saw Lightning McQueen and co. on the big screen. Cars 2 was a bigger film at the global box office, but shrunk in size in the States, and wasn’t as well received among critics. So that made the sequel’s first trailer all the more impressive when it hit. Continue reading

‘All Hail the King’ – Final Trailer & Posters for Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island Trailer - Brie Larson & Tom HiddlestonBack in the summer, Warner Bros. unleashed a brilliant first teaser trailer at Comic-Con for next year’s anticipated blockbuster, Kong: Skull Island. Now, the studio is back with what’s surprisingly being described as the final trailer. Continue reading

The Castle Comes to Life in First Trailer for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Trailer - Emma WatsonIn recent months, Disney has been teasing us with brief glimpses at their next live-action fairy tale re-telling. Beauty and the Beast is set to be one of the biggest movies of next year, if Disney’s fairy tale track record is anything to go by. And now they’ve launched a wonderful first trailer that will no doubt be attached to Moana in the US next week. Continue reading

Scarlett Johansson Leads First Trailer for Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell Poster - Scarlett Johansson sliceHollywood has been trying to get a US remake of Ghost in the Shell off the ground for years, and now it’s finally happened. Scarlett Johansson stars front and centre in the lead as Major, a cyborg cop tasked with bringing down the most dangerous and notorious criminals. Continue reading