Bradley Cooper Confirmed to Reunite with Jennifer Lawrence for David O. Russell’s Joy, Melissa Leo in Talks

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Jennifer-Lawrence-Bradley-Cooper-in-Silver-Linings-Playbook-sliceLast month, David O. Russell revealed that he wanted to reunite the dream team for Joy, his follow-up to the Oscar-nominated American Hustle.

Jennifer Lawrence began circling the project when Russell came on board to direct earlier this year, and a few weeks back, the filmmaker said he wanted to bring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro on board alongside her.

Lawrence takes the lead as Joy Mangano, the real-life inventor of the Miracle Mop who went from being a young, broke single mother to a highly successful inventor and entrepreneur.

De Niro was confirmed as entering talks to star as Lawrence’s father, with his deal thought to be contingent on Lawrence finalising her own deal to lead. And now Bradley Cooper is officially set to star in the role that Russell has written for him, with Melissa Leo also entering talks.

Cooper is set to star as an executive at the Home Shopping Network who gives the Miracle Mop its first big break. No word yet on what role Leo will play, but with De Niro set to play Lawrence’s father, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine Leo taking on another maternal role if there’s one there for her, having won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress under Russell’s direction in The Fighter.

Cooper and Lawrence have of course worked together on two of Russell’s movies already, with De Niro leading the support alongside them in Silver Linings Playbook and having an uncredited cameo in American Hustle as well, and this would mark the first time that Leo would be working alongside Russell and some of his now-frequent collaborators, though she and De Niro have previously shared the screen in Righteous Kill, Everybody’s Fine, and Hide and Seek.

The original script was penned by Oscar nominee Annie Mumolo (Bridesmaids), and it sounds like Russell has been working on a rewrite since coming on board. John Davis (I, Robot), John Fox (The Blacklist), and Ken Mok (Invincible) are producing.

The biopic has been set up at Fox 2000 for a good few years, and unless The Fault in Our Stars makes an unexpected appearance in a couple of months, it will likely give them their first big awards contender since 2012’s Life of Pi.

Joy is set to be released on Christmas Day in the US next year, with its UK release date set for January 1st, 2016. Production is expected to get underway in February, so we should have some concrete news on Leo and her role soon.



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