Doctor Strange Review

Doctor Strange ReviewThe Marvel Cinematic Universe expands into the realms of the mystical and magical with Doctor Strange. While the acting is good and the action initially feels promising, it becomes clear pretty quickly that Scott Derrickson’s fantasy blockbuster is a one-trick pony that lacks imagination. Continue reading

LFF 2016: Personal Shopper Review

Personal Shopper Review - LFF 2016After working together on Clouds of Sils Maria, writer-director Olivier Assayas and Kristen Stewart reunite for a very different kind of film. Briefly summed up, Personal Shopper is a ghost story set in the world of high fashion. Unfortunately, it severely fails to live up to its potential, and Kristen Stewart’s excellent leading performance is one of its only saving graces. Continue reading

LFF 2016: Lovesong Review

Lovesong Review - LFF 2016Featuring beautiful performances from Riley Keough and Jena Malone, and gorgeous cinematography courtesy of Guy Godfree and Kat Westergaard, Lovesong is a wonderful film from So-yong Kim. Like her last film, For Ellen, it’s not without its flaws. But it’s nevertheless an intimate portrayal of a hugely captivating relationship between its joint female leads. Continue reading